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Rick Reiss, Luthier

Authorized Warranty Service for C. F. Martin Guitar Co. and Taylor Guitars

On both acoustic and electric fretted instruments, bone is the best sounding and most conductive material that can be used for the nut and/or saddle. It gives more presence and character to the sound. Plastics have a parametric or "black and white" tonal quality and bone has a "color" or full spectrum sound. The distinction is also akin to the difference between a solid wood instrument vs. plywood construction. In my estimation a bone upgrade improves the volume of an acoustic by 20ish%.

I carve them from a rectangular blank so that I can fine tune and customize an even string spacing across the neck, maintain optimal string contact, set the intonation perfectly, and set a comfortable custom string height. Nuts and saddles are a bottle neck for the path of the strings vibration, and contribute dramatically to the efficiency of the instruments that we ultimately enjoy hearing and playing.