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Rick Reiss, Luthier

Authorized Warranty Service for C. F. Martin Guitar Co. and Taylor Guitars

These are LABOR CHARGES, parts aren't included:

Restring 15, floating bridge 25, add 10 for slotted headstock, add 10 for fingerboard cheese scraping, add 10-30 for mandolin, archtop, banjo bridge positioning/intonation setting.

Set up (presuming action is too high, otherwise add 10-25 per shim for the nut or saddle) labor 50, strat style with floating bridge 65, Floyd Rose style 90, 12 string/mandolin 75.

Bone nut/saddle upgrades (includes set up), electric and acoustic 120, Floyd rose style 160, 12 string 225 (actual split pair/course intonated saddle, see my "Sounds Better" section), mandolin 150. Bass add 15 per string for each additional string beyond a 4 string.

Fret leveling varies from 30-200 additional. Usually around 30-60 for a spot leveling and 120-175 for a full fretlevel. Partial refrets add 10-15 per fret.

Refret bound or unbound fingerboard starts at 325. 65 per hour to reshape fingerboard and correct neck relief/radius.

Bridge reglue (includes set up) 150, funky/weird Breedlove/mustache/other style 65 per additional hour. New custom replica bridge 250 and up.

Bridge plate work: string ball end wear/bridge plate fill 50-75, new bridge plate 275 and up.

K&K pickup installation, 50-75. Usually 50 labor depending on whether I am removing an old pickup system, etc. I strongly and enthusiastically discourage installing any and every under the saddle/piezo pickups, as they interfere with the acoustic output of the guitar by dramatically reducing the volume and responsiveness of the instrument.

Reglue loose brace: minimum 20 per, commonly 35-50, complicated clamping/difficult access 75 and up.

Wiring: replace output jack 20 and up, potentiometer 25 per and up, hollow body archtops 35 and up (335 style), pickup selector switch 35 and up, replace pickup 35 each (includes pickup height/output adjustment).

Top, back and side cracks on acoustic guitars are estimated by the job at a shop rate of 65 per hour. Minimum charge usually starts around 40 unless (for example) being combined with a loose brace. 

Bridge pin slot rout and plug/fill (usually done in tandem with a neck reset) 200. This is done to maximize the neck angle improvement and achieve an optimally tall saddle while resetting the neck angle.

Acoustic pickguard (Martin style) usually start around 200, and presume that at least some minor crack repair is necessary.

There is a minimum bench charge of 15 to do any work on an instrument. Though estimates without disassembly are almost always free.

I also provide repairs that are not included on this pricing list. For example: strap buttons, banjo spike installations 5th string tuner installations, fitting of archtop bridges (mandolin, six string, etc) back and side seam repairs, and other structural repairs. I strive to evaluate an instruments condition thoroughly and usually provide an overall estimate which sometimes includes some flexibility, depending on the condition and design of the instrument.

I do reference an approximate street value of an instrument, and certainly consider any sentimental value, to help put in perspective the worthiness and motivation for potential repairs. For those situations that are more of a judgment call, give me a call and I will be happy to help.