5321 NE 30th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98663

By Appointment Only

Rick Reiss, Luthier

Authorized Warranty Service for C. F. Martin Guitar Co. and Taylor Guitars

With my sincerest efforts, I endeavor to help you be comfortable with our approach to improving your guitars performance. Towards that end, I have personal "demo" instruments (acoustic and electric) in the shop, that represent, generally preferred string heights for you to test and approve of.... or to refer to, as we customize your instrument to your specific desire. My shop is also the only Authorized Martin and Taylor warranty service center in Southwest Washington. My own vintage Martin guitars/demo guitars in the shop, are also examples of the high quality of work you can expect from various procedures like: a bone nut/saddle replacement, neck reset, bridge reglue, fretlevel, and various other structural repairs.

As a teenager, I played bass, guitar and percussion for years before enrolling in Red Wing Technical College to learn how to build and repair fretted musical instruments (Class of 1998). After completing the one year program, I began a three year apprenticeship with Ron Ruggiero of: Ruggieros Guitar Workshop, in Philadelphia. Then I moved out west to Washington State to continue restoring vintage acoustic and electric instruments. Shortly after arriving, I began providing warranty repair for Martin and Taylor guitars. Since the big move westward in May 2001, I've been enthusiastically working with my customers and their instruments, everywhere from Olympia, Wa. to Portland, Or. and beyond. So, all these years later... successful customer service, professional repairs, return and referred patronage continue to require: open minded-two way communication, thorough observation, prioritizing the nature of the problems presented, and consistency. I offer to apply my years of experience, gained since 1998, to every project you entrust me with, for you confidence.

P.S.--I'd formally like to thank my mom, Denise Maczura