5321 NE 30th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98663

By Appointment Only

Rick Reiss, Luthier

Authorized Warranty Service for C. F. Martin Guitar Co. and Taylor Guitars

1. Do you repair horns/woodwinds/etc., violins, or amplifiers. Answer: No. I repair and restore fretted acoustic and electric (fretted family) musical instruments such as: guitars(also classical), basses (includes fretless), mandolins, banjos, bouzoukis, dulcimers (No autoharps!)

2. When are you open? Answer: Shop hours are by appointment only, mornings and evenings during the week, and I'm available all day Monday and Tuesday.

3. Do you sell strings, guitars or anything else? Answer: No, I do not sell instruments or accessories but I occasionally buy instruments (I have G.A.S.--Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) and I'm possibly open to trades. A worthy instrument that needs repair would be a good candidate for consideration.

4. Is my guitar finished yet? Answer: I promptly call each customer as soon as I've completed all authorized repairs. Please note, if a special order is back ordered, I have no control over when the replacement part is to be restocked.

5. Can I pay with a credit card? Answer: I take cash or personal checks with ID, drivers license number please.